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33 week update [Jan. 22nd, 2005|06:21 pm]
Here is some stuff x-posted from my main journal, amylouise

Entry 1; Feeling the effects:
I can safely say that I hate this part of pregnancy. The only good parts are feeling the baby move (although this can be just as bad as it is good, depending on my mood and where he's kicking!), and admiring my bump. I often stop when I pass mirrors as I can't believe it's me. I'm proud of the fact that I've come this far & I like looking pregnant. But, unfortunately, I don't like feeling pregnant. I move like an elephant. Getting up from sitting is such a task, bending over is seriously painful; even putting my own socks on has me out of breath and exhausted. I never thought it'd be so hard to reach my feet. I can no longer see my 'bits' either, and according to Nick, my bikini line has got a bit out of control! I looked in the mirror, and he's right, but I don't care cos I'm always oblivious to it. I think I will start caring if the midwife ever wants to examine me though, so I think I need to get Nick to trim me (I would probably cut myself pretty badly if I attempted it since I can see fuck-all!) I also detest maternity clothes. They suck! I much prefer my jogging bottoms that sit under my bump. They are a million times more comfy than the stupid maternity clothes that make a dire attempt at covering my belly. I am now thinking that I will just lounge about in the house for the next 7 weeks without leaving, so I can be naked for the rest of my pregnancy. It's a lot nicer than getting dressed. Plus, I don't have anything that makes me look nice. I'm actually thinking of going out to buy some nice maternity clothes for the final stretch because I'm getting fucking sick of the casual ugly crap that I've got.
My skin & hair have gone grease mad over the past week as well, which I can only assume is pregnancy related. I use moisturiser & make up that usually prevents greasiness, but my skin gets shiny so easily despite it. I used to be able to wash my hair twice a week, and now it's greasy within a day of washing it. So, in summary, I am a hairy, minging, sedated elephant that has just stepped out of a chip-pan. I cannot wait to be 'normal' again. I will be so happy when I have my energy back, when I can reach my feet & shave my own bikini line. Here's to hoping the next 7 weeks go fast!


Entry2; Baby Gush:
awwww... I've just been reading back on all my scan entries and looking at my scan pics, and my little bubby is so cute!!! I love him! I've decided to make him an album with all the scan pics & my belly pics in, and when he's born, I'm not gonna stop getting baby pics developed for it. I'm also gonna be framing loads of them & sending them to everyone, so I'll probably be spending a fair bit of money on photo development once he's born. I don't want to buy a typical photo album though, I want more of a scrap book type thing that I can personalise for him, with his name on and stuff. Then when he's older, he'll have a special book to look in & he can see how he's grown from as early as being in utero. I'd love to see the pics of my baby scans, but my Mum doesn't have them (I don't even know if she was given any) How cool would it be to see yourself as a 5cm blobby thing inside the womb? I'm seriously amazed by pregnancy & scan pics fascinate me. I actually had a scan pic taken of Zac as an EGG! I had my scan appointment at the fertility clinic the morning before I conceived, & she pointed out the fact that I was about to release an egg & she photgraphed it for my records. And that is the egg that became my baby! I'm tempted to phone them and ask them to send me my records so I can have the pic, but I don't know if they will or not.

My 34-week midwife appointment is on Tuesday. I've been measuring perfectly at all of my appointments so far, and hopefully I'll be measuring perfectly for this one too. She's said each time that I'm "spot-on" for my dates, which hopefully means my baby will be an average size at term & not a tiny elephant! I really want him now... I hope time goes fast!


And here are some recent belly pics



I quite like my bump!

The bad news is that I have my first belly stretch marks

Only 6 weeks and 4 days left!