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How much longer???? [Feb. 24th, 2005|04:30 pm]
[Current Mood |exanimateimpatient]

I am officially fed up of being fat. I am now 38+1, and that's going by my LMP date. If you use the hospital date, I'm even further ahead.

I just about have my hospital bags packed & the house in a decent enough state to bring the baby back to.

I've had a reflexology appointment, eaten 3 curries in less than a week, taken more raspberry leaf tea than I should, and even started on evening primrose oil; Yet there's still no baby. I thought my waters broke the other night, but they didn't, so I have no idea where my head was then!

I took a trip to the delivery ward on Tuesday since Zach was being worryingly quiet, so they hooked me up to a CTG monitor. It was pretty cool watching his heartbeat go up & down for an hour! I must be pretty sad to find something like that interesting! I was having lots of irregular contractions as well - maybe that means there's not too long to go?

Sophie (my younger sister) has decided that she's leaving school as soon as Zach is born. I think she's planned for my Mum to pick her up as soon as the news of his arrival gets to them (which my Mum insists on knowing immediately, no matter what hour of the day - *sigh*) I thought I'd have a peaceful life for a while after his birth, but I'm beginning to realise that won't happen. My house will be bombarded with visitors from day 1. I don't really mind that much with those who live close enough to go back home again, but Nick's parents will have to stay here for a while because they live 300 miles away, and that's stressing me out. I really don't want to put people up in the house while I'm trying to adapt to motherhood.

I hope my baby comes out soon. And I hope he doesn't hurt me too much on the way!